What is EDF Climate Corps?

EDF Climate Corps is the premier fellowship program from Environmental Defense Fund. We recruit and train top graduate students and embed them in leading organizations to provide expert hands-on support for your energy management initiatives.

Joining EDF Climate Corps is a highly cost-effective way for your organization to save money and improve environmental performance. EDF Climate Corps fellows are trained to quickly understand and enhance the way businesses use energy by identifying scalable solutions with long-term financial and environmental benefits. Beyond financial returns, you’ll benefit from our 45 years of sustainability expertise, and gain access to hundreds of top executives and elite graduate students in the powerful EDF Climate Corps network.

Learn what an EDF Climate Corps fellow can do for your organization

For graduate students, EDF Climate Corps is your launch pad for leadership in energy management. Climate Corps fellows are part of an innovative network of top-tier graduate students who are working on the ground with leading companies and public-sector organizations to reduce energy use, increase efficiencies, and make the business case for sustainability. Our fellows work directly with staff from operations, finance and sustainability departments on a wide range of innovative projects. The benefits of being part of the EDF Climate Corps network stay with our fellows throughout their professional careers.

Learn how EDF Climate Corps can launch your sustainability career