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A 2013 EDF Climate Corps fellow identifies energy saving opportunities at Newark Public Schools

A 2013 fellow identifies energy saving opportunities at Newark Public Schools.

If improving building energy efficiency were as simple as flipping a switch, organizations could easily cash in on big cost savings and emission reductions.

Unfortunately, limited resources, information gaps and organizational barriers prevent many organizations from taking advantage of smart energy investments. EDF Climate Corps can help.

Climate Corps is Environmental Defense Fund’s innovative summer fellowship program that places specially-trained graduate students in companies, cities and universities as dedicated energy problem solvers. Working with hundreds of leading organizations, EDF Climate Corps fellows have found an average of $1 million in energy savings for each participant.

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Our Goals

Energy efficiency represents an enormous opportunity to cut costs and greenhouse gas emissions.  Buildings consume 70% of electricity in the U.S. and emit more than a third of greenhouse gases.

EDF created Climate Corps to overcome the barriers that prevent organizations from investing in energy efficiency.  By delivering a laser-like focus and a compelling business case for energy efficiency, EDF Climate Corps fellows work with their host organizations to save energy, cut costs and reduce GHG emissions. 

But the heart of the program is the EDF Climate Corps fellows.  EDF recruits leading graduate students from the country’s top academic programs.  We train them and place them in companies, cities and universities where they become champions of energy efficiency for the summer, analyzing energy-saving opportunities and developing customized energy efficiency investment plans. EDF Climate Corps delivers energy and cost savings today, while training tomorrow’s leaders to create value through environmental initiatives. 


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