Whether hosting a first or fourth fellow, EDF Climate Corps makes an impact

EDF Climate Corps fellow | August 16, 2013

CA Technologies has hosted an EDF Climate Corps fellow for the past four summers; whereas, Information Age Learning Center is now hosting a fellow for the first time. In spite of this difference, both are reaping the benefits of advancing organizational energy efficiency with EDF Climate Corps. Read below to learn about how fellows Matthew and Brian are making an impact this summer.

Matthew McGourtyName: Matthew McGourty

Hometown: New York City by way of Wayne, NJ

School: Fordham University

Host OrganizationInformation Age Learning Center

Q: What are you working on this summer?

A: My goal this summer is to reduce the energy use and energy intensity at Information Age Learning Center. By assessing and analyzing the facility’s energy consumption, I hope to uncover efficiency opportunities and infrastructure updates that will support the center’s development and expansion plans.

Q: In tackling this project, what has been the most difficult part?

A: The most difficult part of this project is the fact that the facility is currently being powered by a diesel generator due to local infrastructure damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

Q: Have you found any ways that have been helpful in overcoming that difficulty?

A: By working with electrical engineers and the local township, I’ve uncovered a variety of options to get power back to the facility. My review of old utility bills identified energy consumption patterns and opportunities for savings from lighting system retrofits, upgraded HVAC equipment, building envelope measures and tenant behavior patterns.

Q: What has been the best part about working at Information Age Learning Center?

A: Information Age is near and dear to me as my wife and I have been a part of the neighboring Asbury Park community since 2006. It is very exciting to contribute to the restoration of this national historic landmark that has such a rich and significant history. Despite the challenges that exist, imagining that my work will potentially help to produce a world-class science and technology center right on the Jersey Shore keeps me encouraged and inspired.

Q: What is the mark you want to leave on the world?

A: I’d like to be known for doing well by doing good and being the person that always does the right thing. I hope my work will encourage others to think of the long-term impact and value of their decisions instead of just the short-term gains.

Favorite Quote: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” –Benjamin Franklin


Brian NewtonName: Brian Newton

Hometown: Bridgeport, CT

School: NYU Stern School of Business

Host Organization: CA Technologies

Q: Why did you join EDF Climate Corps?

A: NYU has supplied fellows for the last few years, including one from last year who also worked at CA Technologies. Through my discussions with them, I learned about their experiences with the program, and they were all overwhelmingly positive. Additionally, I’m looking to pursue energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate roles after graduation, so EDF Climate Corps seemed like a great way to use my MBA skill set to get an introduction to these industries.

Q: What are you working on this summer?

A: This is the fourth year that CA Technologies has sponsored fellows, so a large number of projects have already been identified by my predecessors. My plan is to expand and implement some of those previous projects, as well as to break new ground with measures to improve the efficiency of CA’s Islandia headquarters building including the data center, lighting and cafeteria.

Q: What is one thing you’ve learned this summer?

A: I’ve learned that implementing energy efficiency projects is complicated. There are so many more factors involved beyond the financial calculations. Lease agreements, budgets and even people’s personal preferences can all play major roles in the determination to implement an efficiency measure or not, regardless of how impressive the financial return may be.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

A: The best advice I’ve received is to go out and talk to people. CA Technologies was ranked #5 in Newsweek’s Green Rankings, so the company has been focused on sustainability for quite some time. As such, there are many people throughout the company who are interested in energy efficiency and finding these people has been extremely beneficial for discovering new opportunities, identifying key stakeholders and learning the lessons from previous efficiency projects.

Q: What has been the best part about working for CA Technologies?

A: The free reign I’ve been given. While there were initially a couple areas CA wanted me to direct my attention, essentially everything has been on the table, and I’ve had the freedom to choose which areas I want to explore.

Q: What is the mark you want to leave on the world?

A: I’d like to educate those around me on the importance of being efficient and protecting the environment in order to allow future generations to continue to enjoy this planet.

This post is a part of our "Interviews with Tomorrow's Leaders" series. Stay tuned for more interviews with our 2013 EDF Climate Corps fellows!

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