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At EDF, all our advocacy and education around climate change aims to change behaviors -- of individuals, corporations, utilities, governments and communities. But in order to change behavior, we must first change their belief systems.

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining hundreds of leading sustainability and energy practitioners at the 2014 GreenBiz Forum. For those who were unable to attend, I wanted to call your attention to three themes that I noticed buzzing throughout the conference. 

EDF Climate Corps decends upon Chicago to prove that scalable environmental and bottom line results are possible when a concentrated coalition of buildings implements best energy management practices.

EDF founded Climate Corps in 2008 armed with a hunch and seven smart, young people. Five years later, we have placed nearly 300 elite graduate students in about 200 leading companies, cities and universities to uncover valuable energy savings.

Today, EDF announces Climate Corps' latest results.