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The range of skills needed to work in the interdisciplinary field of sustainability run the gamut from energy modeling to negotiation and from financial analysis to communications. I myself have degrees in both psychology and environmental management, and I work with a team with individuals who have studied economics, international affairs, anthropology, history and integrative biology. Each of us brings something unique to the table, and as a whole, the group benefits from having such diverse expertise.

As EDF Climate Corps fellow Jenise Young points out in Years of Living Dangerously, there is a difference between being informed about climate change and actually doing something about it. Knowledge, unfortunately, doesn’t necessarily lead to action.

Back in December, EDF Climate Corps led a twitter discussion around the energy-saving strategies organizations discovered in 2013. We’d like to share a few of the best energy-saving tips from the #EnergyUnwrapped discussion so that these can be more widely applied in 2014. 

Recently, EDF expert Elizabeth Sturcken wrote a post featured on Retailing Today about 4 ways to increase profitability in 2014. She highlights that “as the holiday dust clears and we settle into a new year, it’s only fitting that retailers take a moment to reflect on successes of 2013 and identify opportunities for 2014.” 

In the true spirit of the giving season, EDF Climate Corps is crowdsourcing innovative ideas to save energy and green businesses. If your organization has found a clever way to decrease energy consumption or manage energy use in a smarter way, post a tweet or comment about it with the hashtag #EnergyUnwrapped.

At the Net Impact Conference last week, I met a number of inspiring young graduate students. Many came to the EDF Climate Corps expo booth asking about our summer fellowship program. Many others I talked to, including our 2013 alumni fellows, were seeking full-time employment.

This week, EDF Business staff members are heading to the RILA Retail Sustainability Conference in Orlando, FL. This conference provides an opportunity for EDF to engage with leading retailers, discuss new trends and share best practices.

As we continue to share impressive results and stories from the 2013 EDF Climate Corps fellows, it is once again time for our staff to hit the road and connect with organizations and fellows interested in joining our network in 2014. Below you’ll find a list of where you can find us this fall, and you can always check our calendar for the latest updates to our schedule.

Last summer, EDF embedded nearly 100 EDF Climate Corps fellows in companies, cities and universities across the nation. EDF Climate Corps recruits and trains students from the nation’s top graduate programs to accelerate adoption of smart energy management practices in commercial America. Here’s what our EDF fellows learned about saving energy and curbing emissions in 2012.