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This week's episode of Years of Living Dangerously featured reporting from two islands central to the debate on climate change. In Staten Island, New York, one of the communities hardest hit by Superstorm Sandy, MSNBC correspondent Chris Hayes followed in the wake of the storm to share a story of personal tragedy and political reality. 

One trend we’ve observed at Environmental Defense Fund has been the growing popularity of LED lighting. Each year, upgrades utilizing LED technology represent more and more of the lighting retrofits fellows evaluate.

The Johnson Controls Institute for Building Efficiency just released a new report titled “Driving Behavior Change: Engaging Employees in Environmental Sustainability.” EDF was privileged to serve as an advisor on this report, which presents a broad overview of practices companies are using to involve employees in efforts to improve environmental performance.

Recently, John Collins of Eaton shared a useful write-up of five best practices Google uses to manage the enormous energy consumption of its data centers.

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) recently announced the first batch of organizations to sign up for energy savings through EDF Climate Corps in 2013.