City of Los Angeles - 2012

Emily Steinberg | Stanford University

  • Emily Steinberg at the 2012 EDF Climate Corps training.
Project Type: 
Employee Engagement | Public Policy
Facility Type: 
Municipal Buildings

While working in the Mayor’s Office in the City of Los Angeles, Emily Meyer Steinberg modeled the economic value of 50 newly constructed urban parks. The model evaluated direct revenue sources, including potential property tax revenue increases, and less tangible benefits, such as the value residents derive from free access to recreational facilities. The model is designed to make a case for new park construction and inform future urban park policy.

Steinberg also developed a strategic plan for the Los Angeles Green Angel program, which engages the city's 40,000 employees to save energy. Drawing on feedback she gathered by interviewing and surveying employees about the current program, she designed an action plan for Green Angel. The program aims to reduce the City’s annual utility bill by $1 million.