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Boulder, CO


Isabelle Branco-Lo made recommendations to PeopleForBikes on how to improve sustainability in the bike industry.


The bike industry, much like the outdoor industry, depends on the health of the environment to do business. Understanding the inherent risks of climate change, PeopleForBikes hired Isabelle Branco-Lo to evaluate the current state of sustainability in the industry. Isabelle identified opportunities for sustainable change through stakeholder interviews and made recommendations for improvement to PeopleForBikes members and its Sustainability Working Group.


From a number of interviews, Isabelle decided that PeopleForBikes could effect change in two ways:

  • By providing sustainability resources to all PeopleForBikes members, encouraging them to make real science-based commitments and meaningful action to limit harmful environmental impacts.

  • By making recommendations to the PeopleForBikes Sustainability Working Group on how to advance their sustainability work and to incentivize an environment of collaboration and transparency on sustainability projects.


Distributing Isabelle’s work, full of relevant research, guidelines, and tools, will accelerate the bike industry’s pace toward more sustainable practices. PeopleForBikes members can effectively begin to reduce emissions and limit harmful environmental processes, while also realizing positive impacts to long term business. The Sustainability Working Group can use these resources to make progress on projects they are already working on, and find ways to maintain momentum and expand their reach.

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