Make an Impact this Summer

Megan Rast spent her summer helping eBay manage energy use and carbon output.

About EDF Climate Corps

EDF Climate Corps is an innovative summer fellowship program that places top-tier graduate students within organizations as dedicated energy problem solvers. Working directly with staff from operations, finance and sustainability departments, EDF Climate Corps fellows spend 10 weeks as organizational change agents for energy management. Past host organizations have included Apple, Google, General Motors, REI, AT&T, the City of Boston and Howard University.

Since 2008, EDF Climate Corps fellows have identified nearly $1.3 billion in total net operational costs and opportunities to cut $1.7 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, equivalent to the annual energy use of 150,000 homes. 

Why become an EDF Climate Corps fellow?

  1. As an EDF Climate Corps fellow, you are working on the ground inside a leading corporation, public sector organization or nonprofit, and leaving them with tangible recommendations that will save money and help the environment.
  2. Sustainability is a broad field. EDF Climate Corps fellows deepen quantitative and technical skills while becoming more effective change agents for sustainability.
  3. By participating in EDF Climate Corps, you will grow your network of sustainability professionals exponentially with established relationships with 100+ other fellows, 6 years of Climate Corps alumni, EDF experts, and contacts at your host organization to help you throughout your career.


We are no longer accepting applications for 2014. Applications for 2015 will open in the fall.  

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