EDF Climate Corps Projects: PepsiCo

Since 2008, Climate Corps has placed over 1000 graduate students into more than 500 leading organizations spanning the U.S. and China.

Climate Corps fellows have helped companies, cities, and organizations design and implement new tools and practices to reduce energy consumption, procure renewable energy, set carbon reduction targets and engage customers, employees and suppliers in achieving sustainability goals. We invite you to explore the full range of our success stories and learn from our work.

Organizationsort descending Name Year Project Type
PepsiCo Peter Petropoulos 2010 Clean and Renewable Energy, Commercial Energy Efficiency, Industrial Energy Efficiency  
PepsiCo Abhishek Pawar 2013 Industrial Energy Efficiency  
PepsiCo Kashif Khan 2013 Industrial Energy Efficiency  
PepsiCo Pablo Taccioli 2014 Commercial Energy Efficiency, Data Analysis  
PepsiCo Inesh Singh 2016 Industrial Energy Efficiency  
PepsiCo Maxwell Gade 2017  
PepsiCo Brenda Meany 2017 Industrial Energy Efficiency  
PepsiCo Robert Little 2019 Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy  
PepsiCo Samantha Klug 2019 Data Analysis, Goals/Targets, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy  

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