Video and Photos: Energy Efficiency Successes

  • Reflections from our hosts

    EDF Climate Corps harnesses people power to save money, energy and the environment. Powered by a new generation of leaders with the passion and skills to make a difference, EDF Climate Corps matches premier graduate students with leading organizations to cut costs and emissions by saving energy. Watch video.

  • Energy Savings in Cities and Universities

    $1.2 trillion -- that's how much energy savings is available in the United States by 2020. EDF Climate Corps helps cities and universities discover new ways to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions. The results are impressive. Watch video.

  • NYCHA and EDF: Wireless Energy Modules

    New York City Housing Authority worked with EDF Climate Corps to analyze the energy savings potential of installing Wireless Energy Modules across its portfolio. The EDF Climate Corps fellows found that the project would lead to more consistent, comfortable temperatures for residents, save $56 million in NYCHA’s annual costs and avoid 177,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions each year. Watch video.

  • QTS and EDF Climate Corps: Datacenters

    Data center provider QTS worked with EDF Climate Corps to optimize efficiency in its LEED Gold datacenter and reduce costs by $4 million. The company plans to invest $10 million to implement these projects. Watch video.

  • AT&T and EDF Climate Corps: Lighting systems

    AT&T worked with EDF Climate Corps to find ways to cut its lighting energy use by 80 percent. A project that is now being rolled out across its 250 largest central offices. Watch video.

  • AT&T and EDF Climate Corps: Free-air cooling

    AT&T worked with EDF Climate Corps to uncover a potential savings of up to 50% associated with cooling costs at 250 AT&T facilities by using a technique called “economizer mode” – a process in which cool external air replaces the need for mechanically chilled air during cool months. Watch video.

  • Faces of EDF Climate Corps 2010

    EDF Climate Corps gives tomorrow's leaders a chance to change the world today by placing specially-trained MBA and MPA students in companies, cities and universities to build the business case for energy efficiency. Meet the 2010 fellows. Watch video.

  • Promoting Greater Diversity in Environmental Leadership

    EDF Climate Corps is building innovative partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities to develop campus sustainability projects. The purpose of these partnerships is to make minority serving institutions centers of innovation that prepare the professional leaders of tomorrow, while confronting environmental challenges of today. Watch video.

  • Facebook photo albums

    After just four years, EDF Climate Corps is a $1 billion success. But it's the individual stories behind the numbers that make the work of the EDF Climate Corps so fascinating. Get a behind the scenes peek of what it’s like to be an EDF Climate Corps fellow in our photo albums. View photos.