Welcome to Chicagoland

Sitar Mody | September 22, 2013

Today, EDF Climate Corps is thrilled to launch a major initiative to accelerate energy performance in buildings in the city of Chicago.

Chicago is a beautiful city. Chicago is an historic city. Chicago is also a city with a clear and powerful dedication to advancing energy efforts citywide. Many buildings in Chicago are already on a path to greater energy management having committed to Retrofit Chicago – the city’s premier initiative to help buildings reduce their energy use by 20% over 5 years. 

EDF’s new Building Energy Initiative in Chicago will complement Retrofit Chicago by giving building owners and operators the “boots on the ground” to sustain their commitments and facilitate access to advanced energy markets – all to save money and the environment.

EDF is recruiting 50 buildings in the city to participate in EDF Climate Corps and developing a robust network for building owners and operators to accelerate adoption of leading energy management practices and gain confidence in implementing innovative investments. We also have two experts, Devesh Nirmul and Ellen Bell, on the ground in Chicago to provide year-round technical support.

Monday September 23rd, we are hosting our first of many events at the Merchandise Mart to share success stories of how hand-picked EDF Climate Corps fellows have advanced the specific energy management needs of different host organizations in Chicago.

EDF Climate Corps is descending on Chicago to prove that when a concentrated coalition of buildings implements best energy management protocols – large scale business and environmental ROI follows. Together with the city of Chicago and other partners including NRDC, C40, and Illinois Science and Technology Coalition, we are creating a tipping point in the marketplace to save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, first in the city of Chicago and then throughout the state of Illinois, the Midwest and beyond.

Are you in Chicago? Join us in Lounge 1447 in the Merchandise Mart at 5:30pm on Monday or contact us for further information.