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Arohi Patil worked on the Amazon India Zero Emission Vehicle maturity model with focus on the regulatory landscape in India.


  1. To develop the India ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) maturity model, with particular focus on the regulatory landscape for electric vehicles in India.
  2. To examine the status of Amazon India’s ZEV landscape.
  3. To identify specific enabling EV vehicle and infrastructure legislations.


The EDF Climate Corps Fellow worked on the ZEV maturity model which aims to provide an overview of the major developments in regulation, vehicle category, data availability, and operations. The model attempted to situate India and Amazon India on the maturity curve for ZEVs. The document prepared and submitted as part of the fellowship examines the regulatory landscape for ZEVs in India, with insights on government strategy and support as well as state/UT EV policies. In addition, the fellow worked with the Amazon India business units and outlined the operational characteristics of ZEVs within Amazon India’s network.

Potential Impact

The fellow prepared the key recommendations and incentives for EV adoption and infrastructure development such as incentives for EV adoption, retrofitting, and ICE scrappage as well as incentives related to the development of charging, battery swapping stations and battery recycling, hydrogen generation and refueling stations, and renewable energy supply. The document also specified the targets and incentives specific to commercial and logistics fleets. The document took stock of the public policy outreach with respect to the EV policies and conducted benchmarking of EV logistic fleets. It also identified the challenges and opportunities in the regulations and policy framework for EVs in India. The document can  be utilized by Amazon India in the planning process for the deployment of 10,000 EVs by 2025.

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