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New York, NY

Nicolas Gordon was hired by American International Group’s (AIG)  through its global property management service provider CBRE to explore the potential for lighting upgrades and other energy efficiency initiatives which could be implemented in its New York City offices. The greatest opportunities were found at the headquarters location, an AIG owned building. The focus of Gordon’s research expanded into reducing the building’s HVAC energy use through projects such as sun control window films, variable frequency drives for kitchen hoods and participating in demand response programs. Opportunities were also identified to upgrade the facility’s lighting through an extensive T8 retrofit and an upgrade from halogen lamps to LED lighting in the main lobby.

Through implementing these recommendations, AIG could save over $500,000 in net operating costs annually and avoid 1,700 metric tons of carbon emissions.

Gordon additionally identified projects applicable throughout all properties in the area regarding plug load reduction. Office workspace loads, vending machines, imaging equipment and other pantry appliances could be operated with smart power strips, timers or other control technologies minimizing the use of energy during non-office hours.

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