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Dallas, TX


Yuki Numata developed a set of project management tools and strategy recommendations to facilitate the launch of AT&T’s new corporate sustainability initiatives.


In 2021, AT&T announced its new Gigaton Goal: to deliver connectivity solutions that enable business customers to reduce a gigaton (1 billion metric tons) of GHG emissions by 2035. To achieve this goal, the CSR Team is launching a comprehensive customer engagement initiative with elements focused on collaboration and delivering positive environmental and financial outcomes. EDF Climate Corps Fellow Yuki Numata was enlisted to evaluate these initiatives and make strategic recommendations to drive progress towards the Gigaton Goal.


Following a series of interviews with experts from the AT&T CSR and Business teams, Yuki confirmed that the Gigaton Goal would be best achieved by establishing integrated workflows involving members from both teams. To facilitate this integration, she developed a set of tools and recommendations, based on additional interviews and market research:

  • A theory of change diagram visualizing how the Gigaton Goal would be achieved
  • A project tracker summarizing the status, owner, and priority levels of all relevant activities
  • A customer segmentation chart describing different approaches AT&T should take for different sustainability customers
  • A model workflow for AT&T’s sustainability-focused solutions
  • A competitive assessment for the AT&T Climate Change Analysis Tool

Potential Impact

AT&T has a wide range of technology solutions leveraging IoT and advanced connectivity to enable energy/resource efficiency and other sustainability benefits for their customers. As of 2018, AT&T had enabled an estimated GHG reductions of 17.1 million metric tons of CO2e through its technology solutions. Yuki’s deliverables will help the AT&T CSR and Business Teams scale their activities and achieve their goal of enabling a gigaton of GHG reductions for their business customers by 2035.

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