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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Baltimore, MD


Saurabh P. Aneja developed an Energy and Resource Conservation Plan for Baltimore City Public Schools.


Baltimore City Public Schools (City Schools) is made up of approximately 85,000 students, 10,000 staff members and 19 million square feet of indoor space. City Schools enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Saurabh P. Aneja to create and publish an Energy and Resource Conservation Plan, a supplemental document to accompany a district-wide regulation. Aneja was tasked with finding low-cost and innovative solutions to track and decrease energy-related expenses while increasing environmental education and literacy efforts for students.


With limited capital, Aneja knew that, strategically, it would be necessary for him to use a wide array of approaches in tackling his goals. Aneja started by conducting a series of interviews so that he could became familiar with the district layout. Aneja then began evaluating energy-saving projects using financial and data analysis. He looked at issues ranging from lighting and HVAC systems, to more complex approaches including water metering and building control services. He found that implementing a combination of behavioral changes and equipment retrofits could lead to significant savings.

Potential Impact

By the end of the summer, Aneja put together a plan that when implemented, could save millions of dollars in energy and water consumption and cost. He presented his findings in a series of presentations with the City Schools executive staff. With this plan in place, City Schools stands to move to the forefront on energy management within the educational landscape.

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