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Seattle, WA

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Annual kWh Savings:

6,800,000 kWh

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Annual CO2 Reductions:

4,500 metric tons


Elmagraby compiled and analyzed energy audits for commercial assets at Bentall Kennedy and designed a retrofit calculator that estimates financial and energy savings from energy projects.


Norah Elmagraby spent her summer as an EDF Climate Corps fellow compiling and analyzing energy audits for multiple commercial assets at Bentall Kennedy, headquartered in Toronto. Bentall Kennedy is one of North America’s largest real estate investment advisors, serving the interests of more than 500 clients across 140 million square feet of office, retail, industrial and residential properties.


Elmagraby was responsible for collecting, compiling and analyzing the Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) across the company’s office properties portfolio. She prioritized ECMs with the best business case to guide the asset managers in their decisions to invest in the suggested energy efficiency measures. Elmagraby also designed a lighting retrofits/upgrades calculator with the purpose to aid industrial asset managers to estimate the financial and energy savings from lighting retrofits across their portfolios. This effort could lead to speeding up the process of implementing such retrofits in the near future.

Potential Impact

Elmagraby's recommendations could total more than $900,000 in savings, 4500 metric tons of reduced carbon emissions and an annual electricity use reduction of 6.8 gigawatt hours and 11,000 centum cubic feet (CCF) of natural gas.

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