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Industrial Energy Efficiency






Xinhua Yuan helped BYD identify scalable solutions to energy efficiency across the company's manufacturing facilities.


BYD is a leading Chinese high-tech manufacturing company, covering its business from industrial electronics, to automotive, new energy solutions, and rail transit. BYD has already started setting internal targets to improve energy conservation and to reduce GHG emissions in manufacturing process. However, due to the massive scale of BYD’s manufacturing facilities in China, the company still sees tremendous opportunities in reducing the energy cost through enhanced energy management. That’s why BYD enlisted Xinhua Yuan as one of the five BYD Climate Corps fellows in the summer of 2019 to help the company find scalable and practical solutions.


Yuan worked at one of the manufacturing facilities in BYD Shenzhen Baolong campus within its IT division. Through rigorous onsite investigations of the energy system and intensive measurement to the key equipment at the facility, Yuan identified the largest energy-saving potentials in electricity usage reduction, compressed air system, and frozen water system at the plant. To ensure safety and productiveness of the plant when implementing his recommendations in the future, Yuan developed several alternative implementation plans for the plant. Three of his recommendations have already been on the implementation stage before he ended up his 10-week work. His analysis and calculations convinced plant managers and executives that energy-saving investment at the plant can lead to promising financial returns and huge social impacts.  

Potential Impact

His recommendations, when fully implemented, could result in 2,321,117 kWh of electricity saving, $433,000 of cost saving in NPV, and 1,185 metric tons of CO2 emissions reduction every year. In addition, these practices will also effectively improve the energy management of the plant, which will help them achieve more energy saving goals in the long run.

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