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Framingham, MA


Aaron Willis worked with CA Technologies to improve water management and receive sewer credits.


Aaron Willis worked for the CA Technologies CSR Team and Office of Sustainability in Framingham, MA. Willis spent the summer working on issues of water management, stewardship and accounting at the company.


Willis expanded the body of information in this nascent area of data collection, developing a companywide water consumption baseline that considered more than 120 sites around the world. He further outlined a forward-looking water strategy for the firm, detailing potential consumption reduction interventions, issues of water risk as a business risk and ideas for linking proactive water stewardship with community and employee engagement. The baseline and strategy were informed by a survey of facility managers on water management practices, analysis of data from the internal environmental management platform and a host of additional internal and external sources. Willis also championed and facilitated the certification of cooling tower meters at the Islandia, NY office for the purpose of receiving sewer credits. 

In addition to his water related tasks, Willis served as a point of contact for company sales teams seeking assistance with supplier sustainability and CSR certification.

Potential Impact

Once completed, the project to certify cooling tower meters could save the company an estimated $60,000 annually with no up-front investment. 

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