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11,800 kWh

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7 metric tons


Cheryl Lee helped the City of Fresno progress their clean energy initiative by recommending energy-efficient outdoor lighting, connecting residencies and businesses to energy efficiency resources and developing an electric vehicle infrastructure.


The City of Fresno is the commercial, financial, and cultural center of the San Joaquin Valley and the central California region. However, the City of Fresno ranks among the most polluted areas for ozone and soot in California and boasts electricity rates up to 35% higher than the national average. In addition, the Valley is home to many disadvantaged communities with Fresno labeled as the one of most disadvantaged in California. “Power the Tower” is a collaborative effort to address these challenges by transforming the historical Tower District into a clean energy hub. “Power the Tower” enlisted EDF Climate Corps Fellow Cheryl Lee to develop strategies to promote energy efficiency, renewable energy options and electric vehicle infrastructure among residents.


Building from the work of previous Climate Corps Fellows, Lee proposed multiple strategies to assist Tower District residents and businesses in reducing their energy consumption. She suggested the District replace existing outdoor string lighting with an LED alternative. In addition, she arranged an opportunity for residencies and local energy-related business to learn about low-to-no-cost resources to help them reduce their energy consumption and lower their greenhouse gas emissions. Building from existing plans to redesign the streetscape, Lee identified optimal locations for the installation of street-side electric vehicle chargers, taking into account the potential increase in electrical load, the current traffic patterns and the historical aesthetics of the region. She identified multiple potential funding sources for the City to install and maintain the charging infrastructure in addition to funding opportunities for green fleet conversion.

Potential Impact

Lee’s projects will help the City of Fresno and the Tower District move forward in achieving the goals of the “Power the Tower” initiative. The installation of outdoor LED lighting is projected to save 11.8 MWh of energy usage annually while the relationships fostered with local businesses will assist the City in moving forward with their clean energy initiative. Her work with electrical vehicle infrastructure will help the City foster an electric vehicle-friendly region and promote greenhouse gas reduction in the transportation sector.

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