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Guangzhou, Guangdong


Baolin Zheng completed Colgate's Huangpu Plant Rooftop PV Development Project.


Colgate-Palmolive is working towards their 2025 Sustainability and Social Impact Strategy, one of which is to use 100% renewable electricity by 2030. In order to meet the company's goal of energy conservation and emission reduction while empowering the Huangpu Plant's environmental strategy, Colgate engaged Baolin Zheng to complete a comprehensive rooftop solar PV plant project that can provide electricity while reducing GHG emissions.


  • Feasibility analysis: the feasibility of applying solar technology at Colgate's Huangpu Plant was explored through the development of a solar power prediction model, and the average annual power generation of the plant was predicted based on meteorological data over the last decade.

  • Formulation of investment and construction plan: according to the relevant national standards and guidelines, Baolin Zheng compared and selected the PV modules and electrical equipment required for the project, sorted out the content, requirements and policies related to the construction, operation, maintenance and warranty of the PV power plant, provided the company with a complete investment plan, and negotiated with a number of suppliers.

  • Benefit analysis: a sound analysis of the return on investment and environmental benefits was carried out using the previously established model and investment plan. 

Potential Impact

Baolin Zheng's work provided Colgate with a comprehensive understanding of the application of PV technology on the plant's roof, which will allow the plant to utilize renewable energy for its electricity supply. With far-reaching implications, the project will not only save the plant approximately $350,000 per year in electricity costs, but will also reduce the plant's CO2 emissions by more than 2,400 tons per year, helping the company save energy and reduce emissions, and will be an important step in implementing Colgate's 2025 sustainability strategy.

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