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Data Analysis, Zero Emission Vehicles, Freight and Logistics, Goals/Targets, Supply Chain, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Seattle, WA or Jacksonville, FL, FL


Nikita Bankoti developed targets to help Crowley Logistics reduce their greenhouse gas emission footprint.


Crowley Maritime Corporation is a U.S.-owned and operated marine solutions, transportation and logistics company providing services in domestic and international markets. Wanting to explore GHG emission reduction targets, Crowley enlisted EDF Climate Corps Fellow Nikita Bankoti to identify GHG emissions and create reduction goals for the entire logistics business operation. Bankoti focused on shipping and trucking in activities related to ports, warehouses and intermodal freight transportation.


Bankoti conducted site visits and analyzed available inventory data to design an Excel-based tool that helps the company quantify their emissions footprint across the entire supply chain. She then identified the carbon footprint flow across the company supply chain and classified the GHG footprints and related activities under various sectors (Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions) in line with the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) Framework. 

Next, Bankoti conducted Science Based Target (SBT) modeling to develop targets for reducing the emissions. After analyzing SBT approaches and alternatives, she ran different models and developed a range of reduction targets that would align with Crowley’s objectives. She also conducted a competitor analysis to help management make informed decisions and adopt carbon reduction strategies.

Potential Impact

Bankoti’s proposal established the foundation for Crowley Logistics GHG reduction goals, and her work may also inform target-setting initiatives for other Crowley business units.

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