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Industrial Energy Efficiency




Shenzhen, Guangdong


The aim of this project is to complete a survey on the use of energy monitoring systems of Decathlon's suppliers.


In response to the current dramatic environmental changes, Decathlon has set SBT targets and plans for three carbon abatement projects. Decathlon's suppliers, therefore, need to install energy monitoring systems to help them complete related energy efficiency projects. Decathlon engaged Keqing Zuo to conduct a survey on suppliers with energy monitoring systems and investigate the use of the systems.


Keqing Zuo approached the challenge in three steps:

  • Investigated the basic profiles of suppliers using different energy monitoring systems and their capability to use them. Through the investigation of several suppliers, Keqing Zuo found that the issues of energy monitoring systems and energy efficiency in plants involved not only the use of energy monitoring systems, but also the rationalization of the energy management models of the plants.
  • Made recommendations to the different suppliers surveyed based on the findings.

  • Developed energy efficiency targets. Five KPIs were proposed to guide suppliers' energy efforts and the performance of the targets can be analyzed through radar and energy flow diagrams.

Potential Impact

As a result of the survey, we pinpointed the uneven levels of competence in the use of energy monitoring systems by suppliers, as well as some other common problems.

The setting of several KPIs can effectively help in the evaluation of the energy efficiency and energy consumption levels of the plants. This will provide a scientific target for the suppliers' future energy saving and emission reductions. At the same time, two analysis methods, radar diagram and energy flow diagram, will facilitate the suppliers' energy efficiency management and improvement. 

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