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Wei Zhang worked on Decathlon's coal-stopping project, providing coal alternatives to help them build greener supply chains.


Decathlon has a great blueprint for transformation and they have ambitious goals in the area of sustainable development. EDF Climate Corps fellow Wei Zhang was invited to help them complete an important part of the Sustainable Development Goals, the coal-stopping project. Wei tracked the coal use of Decathlon's Chinese suppliers and looked for ways to stop it.


Wei Zhang first organized the coal use of Decathlon's suppliers and collected their energy data. Then, for suppliers who had stopped using coal, Wei analyzed the impact of stopping coal, calculating changes in costs and carbon emissions. For suppliers who have not stopped coal or are stopping coal, Wei compared different energy options based on their production data. The results showed that natural gas is the best choice at present.
Of course, Decathlon will not stop here, and  will continue to work to create a greener supply chain. For this, Wei wrote a clean energy feasibility study. At the same time, Wei also collected information on China's energy-related policies and renewable energy markets.

Potential Impact

Wei Zhang provided Decathlon's suppliers with a comparative analysis of a variety of coal-stopping options, found the best alternative, and helped to understand the cost and impact of this energy change for Decathlon. These works will drive Decathlon's global coal-stopping efforts.

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