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Data Analysis, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Pune, Maharashtra


Vidushi Ahuja worked with Finastra’s ESG team to prepare a GHG inventory management plan and developed recommendations for a carbon reduction strategy.


The two major targets of this project were to create an inventory management plan, approved by the ESG team, as well as a comprehensive carbon reduction strategy.


Vidushi engaged with the ESG team and key stakeholders at Finastra to document their process of collecting, calculating, and maintaining Finastra’s GHG data. This involved documenting the quantification methodologies, emission factors, data sources, collection process as well as roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders.

Furthermore, Vidushi conducted an analysis of Finastra’s Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions to understand its existing reporting and applicability to Finastra’s operations. Vidushi then proposed a plan for the calculation of potentially relevant Scope 3 areas by developing suggested actions.

Potential Impact

As a result of Vidushi’s work, and after review from multiple teams at Finastra, the IMP has now been drafted. Finastra will now be able to consolidate any gaps identified and implement Vidushi’s proposed recommendations to help achieve their net zero targets by 2030.

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