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Financial Evaluation and Planning, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Cleveland, OH


Wanda Lowrey helped FCE with the creation of sustainability and financial tools for internal use.


At Forest City Enterprises (FCE), an NYSE-listed national real estate company, Wanda Lowrey was asked to analyze capital expenditure (CapEx) processes; create a decision making tool for potential LEED and CapEx projects; and help define the parameters of a new multifamily concept.


To create the tool, Lowrey mapped FCE’s decision workflow, engaged stakeholders and identified key team members and accountabilities. After meeting with key decision makers, the project was expanded to cover FCE's entire $10.5 billion portfolio. Later phases of the project are likely to include a refined document management and project tracking system, as well as a CapEx prioritization tool that generates key metrics for executive decision makers, consistent with overall portfolio strategic plans.

Potential Impact

Lowrey's strategic recommendations regarding decision metrics, data requirements, software integration and workflow automation will be used by a newly formed interdepartmental team, which is tasked with creating a central asset inventory and data warehouse for the 2014 capital budgeting cycle.

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