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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Indianapolis, IN


Swathy performed a gap analysis for Genesys based on ISO 14001, 45001, and 50001 standards and developed an integrated management system.


The goal of the project was to understand what policies are already in place on a company-wide level and to figure out what additional policies are needed to get ISO certified in ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety), and ISO 50001 (Energy Management System).


Swathy developed a roadmap that will help enable Genesys to achieve three ISO certifications (14001, 45001, and 50001). Some key solutions included developing an enterprise risk management plan, completing necessary documentation for EHS and tracking baseline energy performance/use. The gap analysis also helped discover that there was a need to involve several different teams within the company to implement policies including sustainability, compliance, HR, business transformation, and facilities. It is also essential that the company follow the PDCA model for each objective within each ISO standard.

Potential Impact

The major impact of performing the gap analysis was that it allowed Genesys to understand what needs to be implemented into its strategy to address gaps. While the integrated management system will impact how the three ISO standards could be unified, this project also allowed Genesys to develop a framework and timeline that lays out how to achieve ISO certification and what short-term and long-term developments are needed.

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