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Darien, CT


George Moore worked with Greenworks Lending on updating their methodology for tracking energy savings and emissions impact.


Greenworks Lending, the leading national C-PACE financing provider, enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow George Moore to revise their internal processes to better meet their tracking and reporting needs and goals. Greenworks Lending was the first entity to complete a securitization and Green Evaluation of C-PACE only assets. George was tasked with ensuring that internal processes would enable Greenworks to capture funded Energy Conservation Measures and associated savings into a single database.


George approached the problem using a three-pronged approach:

  1. Identify Greenworks needs and goals for the outcome of this project. 

  1. Understand the existing procedures of the various stakeholders within Greenworks Lending and externally.

  1. Analyze past deals and create database of closed deals in order to fully appreciate the breadth of energy and water conservation measures being funded. 

George then adapted the existing tools and procedures within Greenworks to accomplish the identified goals with as minimal an impact as possible to existing procedures. Functionality and suitability of the changes was established by running past projects through the updated procedures in creating the database.


Through the process of reworking internal procedures and creating a database George identified additional lifetime savings in excess of 344,000 MWh and 682,000 MMBTUs. This represents roughly 275,000 metric tons and a 50%+ increase in Greenwork’s impact for their most recent Securitization and Green Evaluation. The reworked procedures will ensure that this type of savings and impact will not be missed on future projects. Lastly, Greenworks now has the beginnings of a robust organized database and dashboard for use in identifying market trends, efficacy and impactful opportunities. 

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