Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.

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Commercial Energy Efficiency




Estero, FL

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22,750,000 kWh


Jaishree Rajasekaran identified facilities with high energy use at The Hertz Corporation, recommended efficiency improvements and created energy profiles.


With car rental operations in over 150 countries, The Hertz Corporation was looking to better understand energy use across its vast portfolio. Given the diversity of the portfolio, it’s difficult to gauge energy performance for each facility profile. EDF Climate Corps fellow Jaishree Rajasekaran was hired to identify energy efficiency opportunities across Hertz sites in the U.S. and shortlist locations for piloting energy solutions by optimizing investments in energy upgrades.


Rajasekaran analyzed utility data from 1000+ Hertz facilities in the U.S. and shortlisted sites with high energy use and intensity. She surveyed 10 of the shortlisted locations in person and made detailed recommendations on maintenance issues and energy efficiency improvement opportunities. In addition to making financial savings calculations and proposals for lighting upgrade projects in these locations, Rajasekaran also worked on developing a maintenance and energy checklist to be implemented in everyday operations. Typical energy profiles for airport and HLE (Hertz Local Edition) sites were also created, better enabling the company to segment its energy projects in the future. 

Potential Impact

Hertz plans to roll out the pilot energy upgrade project to one of the shortlisted locations and eventually expand to the other 10 sites as proposed. The quick fixes and energy upgrades have the potential to save over $2 million dollars annually. Going forward, Hertz also plans to develop a holistic approach to energy management in its facilities.

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