Institute of Cultural Affairs

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Project Type

Commercial Energy Efficiency




Chicago, IL


Geeta Goled helped the Institute of Cultural Affairs with its Building Automation System and its plans for future sustainability measures.


Geeta Goled worked with the Institute of Cultural Affairs to analyze its current HVAC system, recommend energy saving opportunities and suggest changes to the current Building Automation System (BAS).


Goled completed the energy savings and financial analysis for replacing the Air Handling Unit (AHU) motors with more efficient motors and for installing variable frequency drives. Goled evaluated the existing BAS against the current and future organizational requirements and selected vendors to provide quotes for a new or upgraded system. She evaluated the proposals and suggested replacing the non-functioning field devices, installing additional sensors and upgrading the BAS software to the latest version. Goled surveyed the AHUs to create a new HVAC database and documented non-functioning devices. She created new diagrams for the HVAC units and BAS. Goled also suggested installing Vending Misers on the vending machines, thereby increasing energy efficiency, and updating the power management settings on PCs. In order to increase employee awareness, she suggested that senior management discuss the utility bills and performance during staff meetings.

Potential Impact

Goled's suggested changes could save the organization up to 400,000 kilowatt hours, 380 metric tons of carbon emissions and $27,000 in utility bills annually.

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