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Zero Emission Vehicles, Freight and Logistics




Boston, MA


Manjulika Rathi developed a plan of action to advance Iron Mountain’s fleet electrification goals in North America.


Iron Mountain, an enterprise information management services company, has committed to convert 10% of its vehicles to electric by 2025 and 100% of its Class 1 and 2 vehicles by and 50% of Class 3 and 4 vehicles by 2030. To reach its 2025 goals, Iron Mountain brought Manjulika on board to come up with a plan of action to be executed in 2024 with a focus on North America which houses the largest portion of the company’s fleet. 


Manjulika approached the problem in two phases. In the first phase, she undertook a comprehensive study of the incentives available in North America and identified the ones that can be leveraged by Iron Mountain. She also analyzed the fleet data (vans) to identify preliminary electrification opportunities. Her analysis included an understanding of the state-specific regional clusters, ownership status, age, and average daily trip length in the regional clusters. Based on this information, she shortlisted 9 states for an in-depth evaluation.

In the next phase, Manjulika conducted an in-depth evaluation of the shortlisted states. She held consultation sessions with state managers and different teams such as real estate, energy, and finance teams to calculate the overall economic impact of the project. Economic impact analysis included developing a region-specific Total Cost of Ownership model, accounting for one-time infrastructure costs and figuring out avenues for savings. 

Potential Impact

Manjulika developed a plan of action to deploy 24 electric vans in 18 locations in North America. As these electric vans will replace gas vans, it will avoid ~240 tons of Scope 1 CO2 emissions annually. The project will be net positive with $86,800 in overall savings (while also accounting for the one-time infrastructure costs).

She also applied for a $300,000 grant in Colorado to acquire a Class 7 electric shred truck. If granted with the anticipated sum, this will pave the way for the inclusion of the very first electric truck in Iron Mountain’s fleet while also being a substantially cost-effective alternative of a diesel truck. 

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