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Stuart was hired by the JLL Sustainability Consulting team to create a framework for addressing climate risk consulting engagements.


Stuart is an MBA student at NYU Stern specializing in Sustainable Business & Innovation and Strategy. Stuart was hired by JLL, a Fortune 200 commercial real estate company, to create a comprehensive climate risk consulting framework that would allow the firm to train employees and thus take on more climate risk business and generate more revenue.

Climate Risk is a rapidly growing business with a market size of just $800M in 2021 but projected to grow to $4B by 2027. Taking advantage of this growing market would be hugely beneficial to JLL.


Stuart interviewed many key professionals across the company from climate risk experts to sustainability product managers to venture capitalists. He also spent many hours researching the different approaches to climate risk online. Finally, he attended many meetings of actual climate risk consulting engagements conducted by JLL including with real estate investors and amusement park clients.

Stuart then synthesized all this work into a comprehensive and articulate climate risk consulting framework detailing the step-by-step approach needed to address physical risk issues for owner-investor clients. He also gave the broader context of how climate risk consulting is a rapidly growing business and how it relates to commercial real estate.

Potential Impact

Stuart presented his research to a national audience of sustainability personnel. He also led a teach-in for members of the NYC Sustainability Consulting team who were especially interested in taking on more climate risk work. Finally, he recorded his presentation and sent the deck so any new hire or employee can learn more.

In addition to his primary project, he quantified the number of climate risk projects the firm has taken on already. These numbers were used to help forecast future climate risk work at JLL. He also supported climate risk work on an active project for a real estate investment company and helped in the due diligence process of finding a global climate risk provider for JLL.

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