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The first fellows to participate in EDF Climate Corps with JPMorgan Chase, Joey Christiano and Christopher Reynolds collaborated to identify energy efficiency projects across the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Real Estate portfolio. Their recommendations, if implemented, would result in annual savings of $243,000, and reduction of 1,560 metric tons of CO2 emissions stemming from 2.5 million kWh of energy saved. In aggregate, all projects recommended would yield enough savings to payback their up-front cost in 1.1 years or less. Their findings will help JPMorgan Chase achieve its goal of 20 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through 2012 from a 2005 baseline.

The fellows analyzed energy cost and use across thousands of buildings occupied by JPMorgan Chase to identify 27 properties for focused evaluation. Next the two created a survey to solicit high level audits from facility engineers. Survey results, combined with data for budgeted capital projects and incentives laid the framework for a set of recommended retrofit measures at each building. Recommendations included: installing occupancy sensors in closed offices and conference rooms, upgrading accent and corridor lighting from halogen to LED and replacing appliances near the end of service life with Energy Star models.

Perhaps, more importantly, significant reductions in energy and operating costs are likely to result from a series of high level recommendations. These strategic initiatives identified by the fellows would help to leverage best practices in energy management, training and standards across the entire corporate real estate portfolio.

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