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Engagement and Behavior Change, Supply Chain, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy






Yulan Lu helped Kingfisher analyze the supply chain carbon footprint and identified the energy management status for the Top 100 suppliers in China.


Kingfisher joined SBTi in 2017 and has committed to reduce 40% of Scope 3 carbon emission by 2025. Every year, Kingfisher HK and SH Buying offices evaluate the carbon emission for their Top 100 suppliers by shipment value and the performance of suppliers participated in energy-saving programs. Yulan Lu was enlisted to conduct the carbon footprint survey for the top suppliers in four continuous years and evaluate the energy management levels of the suppliers.


  • Improve the survey tool: To improve the accuracy of the data, Yulan added explanations and examples to the questions in the carbon footprint survey tool for vendors’ better understanding. To understand the energy management strategies, Yulan designed a new section of management questions and an analysis scheme.
  • Obtain and verify data: Yulan verified the energy consumption data returned from the suppliers by comparing them with previous data and emissions of other suppliers at similar industries. She analyzed reasons for outstanding changes in carbon intensity for top suppliers in each category. She also extracted the quantity of solar power generated and thus carbon saved by the suppliers.
  • Analyze energy efficiency improvement solutions for the supply chain: After understanding the carbon emission performance of the top suppliers comparing to that from the 2017 baseline, Yulan proposed recommendations for Kingfisher to improve future survey methods and how to better support suppliers to reduce energy use.

Potential Impact

With the carbon emission analysis, Kingfisher can better understand its status in realizing the Science-Based Targets to reduce supply chain carbon in China.

With the database integrated and improved by Yulan, Kingfisher can efficiently track the details of carbon emission per key suppliers or categories in the past four years and make better decisions in selecting and guiding suppliers.

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