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Financial Services and Insurance

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Data Analysis, Engagement and Behavior Change




New York, NY


Lana Zaman helped KKR find high-priority energy savings opportunities across its portfolios.


Lana Zaman spent her summer as an EDF Climate Corps Fellow at KKR, where she was asked to identify opportunities that would create maximum positive financial and environmental outcomes for select assets across KKR's portfolios.


Her primary project consisted of developing a prioritization framework and questionnaire to identify high-priority energy efficiency opportunities within KKR’s portfolio companies and real estate portfolio. This included conducting interviews with portfolio companies to investigate specific barriers to energy efficiency action and possible tools to address these barriers. Zaman also developed a checklist of ESG priorities in real estate and composed a report on new developments in green leasing. In supporting KKR’s internal ESG goals, Zaman created a corporate sustainability guidance tool for KKR’s global offices.

Potential Impact

Zaman's work directly aided and influenced KKR's future sustainability policies.

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