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New York, NY


Sophia Luo helped KKR save energy and money through its existing Green Portfolio Program.


KKR asked Sophia Luo to focus mainly on its Green Portfolio Program. This program helps KKR's portfolio companies manage its environmental impacts while also improving business.


Luo collaborated with KKR and a couple of its private equity portfolio companies to develop playbooks detailing best practices for energy management that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These playbooks highlight the key areas for energy efficiency improvements that are applicable to a range of portfolio companies, the energy savings that are possible through those improvements and how those savings can be achieved. Luo also developed spreadsheet tools based on the EDF Climate Corps Financial Analysis Tool to accompany the playbooks.

Potential Impact

Private equity portfolio companies can use these tools to calculate the return on their energy efficiency projects for HVAC systems and lighting. The playbooks and tools could serve as a resource for the portfolio companies in KKR’s Green Portfolio Program and support them in implementing energy efficiency initiatives at their facilities to ultimately save both energy and money. 

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