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Yu Han Soo identified challenges and potential optimization opportunities for product carbon footprints at LONGi.


With solar becoming a dominant player in a clean energy future, understanding the carbon footprint of solar panels becomes crucial. LONGi, a leading global solar technology company, holds various internationally recognized product carbon footprint verifications. LONGi enlisted EDF Climate Corps Fellow, Yu Han Soo, to delve into these data and uncover challenges and optimization potential.


After conducting detailed data analysis on LONGi and the PV industry, Yu Han Soo proposed two key strategies, focusing on upstream supply chain management and refining the carbon footprint accounting scope.

  • Upstream supply chain decarbonization plan. The fellow found that the upstream stage significantly contributes to the PV module's carbon footprint. She framed a step-by-step decarbonization plan for LONGi: (1) Supplier decarbonization learning program; (2) Revise the CSR Code of Conduct for LONGi Suppliers; (3) Integrate carbon-related indicators into the supplier due diligence and assessment system; (4) Form green supply chain partnerships, especially with key suppliers.
  • Carbon footprint accounting scope optimization. Observing that manufacturing bases with greener electricity weren't included, the fellow suggested LONGi explore including them for improved carbon footprint calculations.

Potential Impact

Yu Han Soo’s analysis provided LONGi insights into its industry-level product carbon footprints and optimization potential. This overview highlighted areas for improvement. LONGi's Sustainability Team is considering integrating the fellow's suggestions into their current supply chain decarbonization plan. This move would not only reduce product carbon footprints but also positively impact LONGi's Scope 3 decarbonization, suppliers’ Scope 1 and 2 decarbonization efforts, and overall ESG performance for both entities.

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