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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Mumbai, Maharashtra


Sharan Ghai aided external sustainability engagement, created scope-3-emissions reduction solutions, and provided expertise for the firm’s entry into carbon markets.


The Mahindra Group endeavors to become a national and global leader in sustainability. To further this goal, they inducted Sharan Ghai to aid with sustainability engagements with external stakeholders, build expertise for reducing scope-3 emissions, and lastly, provide comprehensive advice and recommendations for the company’s avenues for carbon trading and generation of carbon credits.


The Mahindra Group outlined the need for multi-faceted solutions and strategy recommendations for their sustainability endeavors. In approaching the three above-outlined objectives, Ghai undertook the following: 

  • Identifying successful engagement practices for the Mahindra Group leadership at external sustainability forums after reviewing previously created documents and literature and researching the relevant topics. 
  • Building understanding and creating guidelines for scope-3 emissions mitigation by conducting comprehensive literature reviews and completing a case study on a prominent Mahindra company, Tech Mahindra, to identify past cases of successful emissions reductions by the firm. 
  • Providing expertise on carbon markets by creating an extensive guide for company-wide circulation to advise the company’s imminent initiation into carbon markets and trading.

Potential Impact

By considering the recommendations by the fellow, the Mahindra Group could expand the scope of their sustainability engagements to include material and methods that better engage their relevant audiences. Furthermore, an organization-wide understanding of the International Scopes of Emissions and Carbon Markets and Trading can be created by the circulation of the extensive guides produced by the fellow to contextualize scope 3 emissions and avenues for reduction for all employees, and also smoothly initiate the process of carbon credits generation, accreditation, and eventual trading.

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