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Arushi Verma’s project focused on the validation of the C40 Inventory and Strategic Action Plan for Mahindra World City Project in Jaipur.


The Mahindra World City Project in Jaipur by Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited is on its way to achieving Stage 3 through its C40 Climate Positive Development Program. This requires the C40 inventory for the project to be closely monitored. Arushi Verma helped update the C40 inventory for MWCJ Project, identified aspects for future action and their alignment with the Climate Positive Development Plan.


Arushi approached the project in the following steps:

  • Updated the C40 inventory for MWCJ project for financial years 2021-22 and 2022-23. This required data collation from various teams on the site, which was then analyzed to target further courses of action to become climate-positive.
  • The challenge of collecting, updating and maintaining the C40 inventory was made simpler using the creation of an automated dynamic dashboard. This dashboard helps monitor the C40 inventories for energy, waste, water and transportation aspects using the GHG Protocol. It also helps evaluate overall emissions and their sources. The platform is used to identify trends and comparisons from global and local standards to identify targeted actions that are required to streamline the project towards its climate positive goal. 

Potential Impact

The action plan proposed is to streamline and reinforce the Climate Positive Development Plan for Mahindra World City Jaipur, which estimates an annual emissions abatement of 45112.7 tCO2e at full development. The actions proposed fall into categories of energy, water, waste and transportation.

This work has saved manual hours required for the task and reduced chances of human error. Precise updates and emissions monitoring help make better decisions and adopt a more targeted approach towards the goal.

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