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Clean and Renewable Energy, Engagement and Behavior Change, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Boston, MA


Derek Oliver helped Massport with both tenant engagements and direct energy efficiency projects.


Derek Oliver was tasked with designing a tenant energy efficiency program to address the complex nature of the Massachusetts Port Authority’s (Massport) leasing businesses and the large role the tenants play in its total energy consumption.


Working with energy auditors, Massport, the tenants and the local utility, Oliver designed a tenant program outlining how Massport, the local utility and tenants should work together to reduce energy consumption. To enhance the tenant program and to ensure its longevity, Oliver recommended that Massport institute a green leasing program. Additionally, he recommended other energy efficiency projects that could reduce Massport’s energy consumption.

Potential Impact

In total, the tenant energy efficiency program and Oliver’s other recommendations could eliminate over 8 million kilowatt hours, over 5,000 metric tons of carbon every year and could save over $2 million annually.

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