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Kaytee Dobbs assisted in the development of near-term and net zero science-based targets as well as a roadmap for target implementation at Match Group.


Match Group is setting ambitious decarbonization goals to reach net zero emissions across the entire value chain by 2050. This includes developing goals to decarbonize its real estate portfolio, procure 100% renewable energy, and build a strong supply chain sustainability program. Match Group enlisted Kaytee Dobbs to help develop strategies to reach these goals.


Kaytee employed several strategies to support Match Group in reaching their goals:

  • Hot Spot Analysis: Using the comprehensive carbon footprint data available from a third-party software provider, Kaytee conducted an analysis on the carbon emission hot spots within the company value chain and used these as a basis for developing decarbonization goals. By analyzing hot spots and learning about the operational structure of the company, she gained insight to help prioritize emission reduction initiatives that have potential for the highest impact.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Kaytee was actively involved in stakeholder outreach to generate internal buy-in for emissions targets. She facilitated inter-departmental communication around the targets and the necessary steps to achieve these goals. She emphasized the need for improved governance and cross-functional collaboration within Match Group and its associated brands.

Potential Impact

Match Group leadership is supportive of the science-based targets developed during Kaytee’s fellowship and gave sign-off to submit these to SBTi. This is a significant step for Match Group’s overall sustainability strategy. Upon validation, these targets will enable stakeholders to invest time and resources into emission reduction initiatives. As a result, the company expects to see a significant decrease in its carbon footprint in the upcoming years.

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