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3,700,000 kWh


Prateek Gupta helped Ortho Clinical Diagnostics craft a business strategy to improve its HVAC systems and develop an employee energy awareness campaign.


Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, a leading global provider of vitro diagnostics, needed help identifying and analyzing HVAC unit consolidation opportunities in its 450,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Rochester, NY. EDF Climate Corps fellow Prateek Gupta was enlisted to build a business case, develop an implementation plan and increase employee awareness of current energy use and conservation tools.


Over the years, space occupancy had changed at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics. As a result, Prateek set out collecting airflow distribution and performance data of 12 selected legacy HVAC systems Upon analysis of the data, he found that many systems were underutilized, inefficiently installed and past their service life. The analysis revealed two options: consolidating a number of HVAC systems, or, spending capital in the near future on replacing the HVAC units that are past their service life.

To overcome the problem, Prateek along with facilities team, devised a business strategy to: replace legacy systems requiring large future capital investment with existing, underutilized HVAC systems, renovate high performing HVAC systems to realize their full potential and meet current requirements and maximize the efficiency of installed systems by modifying air supply distribution. He also helped to craft a phase-based implementation plan for mitigating the project’s impact on the business operations.

The last part of Prateek’s work revolved around developing an employee energy awareness campaign. He identified the objectives of the organization for the year 2016, conducted an 1800 employee-participant survey to gauge their attentiveness to energy initiatives and designed a 4-month event-based campaign to raise awareness in the organization.

Potential Impact

Based on a financial model, as well as in-depth sensitivity and scenario analysis, Prateek's projects have the potential to save Ortho Clinical Diagnostics over $800,000 in net operational costs. Annually, it could save 3,710,585 kilowatt hours of energy and $30,000 in maintenance.  

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