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San Jose, CA


Utkarsh Vivek created tools to advance PayPal’s ability to measure facility performance and assess potential water risks.


PayPal Holdings Inc. a technology platform and digital payments company, enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Utkarsh Vivek to enhance energy and environmental data management, perform a water risk assessment for all sites, and recommend energy efficiency measures for its facilities and data centers.


Vivek worked with PayPal’s real estate and facilities team and environmental sustainability team to roll out a tool for facility managers to update, track and assess energy consumption for all facilities. To track and evaluate energy efficiency at prioritized sites, Utkarsh completed an intensity analysis and surveyed facility managers to develop a detailed inventory of site-level energy and water systems. Vivek’s survey quantified net energy savings, documented all energy efficiency projects implemented over the last two years and estimated the return on investment.

Turning his attention to the water risk assessment, Utkarsh utilized the World Resource Institute (WRI) Aqueduct tool - which maps water risks such as floods, droughts, and stress - to support PayPal’s global operational planning for water access and extreme weather-related risk management. Utkarsh presented his findings to the PayPal team, which will be implementing several of his recommended water resilience strategies.

Potential Impact

Utkarsh’s work provided a significant boost to PayPal’s sustainability and energy efficiency initiatives across all sites. The energy survey results are being used to inform the development of key performance measures for energy efficiency and the WRI Aqueduct tool will enhance resilience to potential water risks. PayPal will be building upon Vivek’s foundational energy and sustainability work in the months and years to come.

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