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Health Care

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Industrial Energy Efficiency




Santa Clara, CA


Nkiruka Avila discovered energy savings for PerkinElmer's above and beyond the corporation's existing efficiency upgrades.


Nkiruka Avila was tasked with finding energy and water savings at PerkinElmer’s Medical Imaging facility at Santa Clara, California.


Though the facility’s HVAC equipment had previously undergone energy efficiency upgrades, Avila found additional energy efficiency opportunities contributing to PerkinElmer’s goal of a ten percent emissions reduction from its 2011 baseline by 2015. Avila identified and recommended numerous projects including lighting and emergency sign upgrades, fume scrubber efficiency, computer power management and vending machine energy misers.

Potential Impact

These upgrades could reduce electricity usage at the facility by more than 300,000 kilowatt hours annually. The upgrades are also expected to reduce carbon emissions by about 140 metric tons annually. Avila also identified water conservation opportunities at the facility that could save over 3 million gallons of water annually. 

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