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Clean and Renewable Energy, Engagement and Behavior Change, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Northridge, CA

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2,250,000 kWh

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2,000 metric tons


Kelley Greenman identified energy usage and trends for Pharmavite’s manufacturing facilities.


Kelley Greenman joined Pharmavite’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability team as the second Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Climate Corps fellow. She was tasked with identifying energy usage and trends within Pharmavite’s manufacturing facilities and developing ways to increase energy and cost savings.


Greenman worked with the engineering and maintenance teams at Pharmavite’s Southern California manufacturing facility to develop an energy map that shows where and when energy is being used within the plant. The map was developed using energy monitoring tools placed on all major manufacturing equipment. Ultimately, the data from the process helped Pharmavite understand how much energy is needed for specific processes such as tablet and soft gel manufacturing. This information was then used to develop an annual energy reduction goal for the facility, helping reduce the environmental and carbon footprint of the manufacturing plant.

Greenman also helped develop performance criteria by which to measure annual energy reductions within each facility. These criteria were adopted for use by Directors in all facilities across the country, demonstrating Pharmavite’s commitment to energy savings.

Potential Impact

The energy goals that Pharmavite has adopted have the potential to save over 2.25 million kilowatt hours and nearly $250,000 in the first year. Greenman’s efforts could also help to create more opportunities to build awareness and educate operations staff on how to monitor and reduce their energy use. Overall, Greenman’s projects have helped Pharmavite better understand its energy use, and aided efforts to increase energy efficiency within its operations. 

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