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Commercial Energy Efficiency




Atlanta, GA


Kevin Kuo provided detailed analysis and cooling recommendations, allowing QTS to save big on electricity.


Kevin Kuo was asked to work on several data center energy efficiency projects at QTS (Quality Technology Services).


Kuo provided a detailed analysis of the power usage effectiveness (PUE), a ratio of energy used for powering computers to the total energy of a facility for a large QTS client. The result of this analysis allowed Kuo to make recommendations that could allow QTS to save energy by reducing the amount of excess cooling in the space. Kuo also evaluated energy efficiency products that could be used to extend the life and efficiency of HVAC units, various airflow containment solutions as well as exploring savings in gas and water utilities.

Potential Impact

Kuo identified over $430,000 in annual savings ($1.3 million net present value) for QTS.

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