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Suzhou, Jiangsu


Siyu Zhu updated Roche's ecological balance accounting tool, assessed the environmental impact, updated the hazardous waste label, and counted the amount of hazardous waste.


As a global multinational healthcare company, Roche is committed to supporting patients but also to reducing its impact on the environment. The Roche Group has planned to minimize the effects of products and operations on the environment by 50% from 2020 to 2029, and Roche Diagnostics (Suzhou) plans to reduce 10% and recycle 80% of non-hazardous waste from 2020 to 2025. Therefore, Roche Diagnostics engaged Siyu Zhu to research environmental impact calculations and waste management.


Accordingly, Siyu Zhu has divided the action strategy into three parts:

  1. Check the calculation rules and parameter sets of the original Eco-Balance tool. Set input, output, and parameter tables independent from the calculating part, and connect the items by linking them. Checking the new accounting tool with data for 2022, specifically the activities of Scope 3. Write a description file of the items with errors to global SHE to check.
  2. Collect information on the hazardous waste of the site and each storeroom, including code, pollution prevention measures, storage location, etc. Design three kinds of signs according to specifications.
  3. Calculate hazardous wastes produced by various departments of the RDSZ in 2023 by June, and conduct a comparative analysis with 2022.

Potential Impact

  1. The updated Eco-Balance tool is much easier to operate and maintain, improving this project's efficiency later. It also provides a more accurate description of the environmental impacts of operations. Checking results provides a good self-examination chance to improve.
  2. The new identification signs provide more detailed information on stored hazardous waste. It helps staff responsible to better manage hazardous waste and decrease danger.
  3. Analyze hazardous waste helps to get the situation of hazardous waste generated by various departments, and guides the hazardous waste management aimed at various departments. 


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