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Commercial Energy Efficiency




San Antonio, TX


Greg Smith collected energy efficiency data and used it to create a comprehensive plan for VIA's executive management.


Gregory Smith set out to analyze the use of five transit centers' day-to-day operations, then determine the energy efficiency projects VIA could take on. After this initial research, Smith decided to focus on lighting projects.


Smith gathered the electrical billing data and used ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (ESPM) to record the data for the five VIA transit centers. This let him create his own spreadsheet in order to clearly show the energy use of each building over time and to compare the various properties. Smith used the Internet and local lighting distributors to research alternative lighting solutions that fit the goals of using less wattage and saving money. Additionally, vending management and computer policy made sense to enhance the project portfolio. He created a spreadsheet to estimate the money spent on these alternatives and used financial analysis to determine net present value. He utilized robust criteria to guard against any risk. Smith then created a PowerPoint presentation to show the value of taking on these projects. He presented the findings to the executive management at the end of his fellowship at VIA.

Potential Impact

Smith's work showed that VIA could save money and reduce wasteful energy practices simultaneously. He also directly provided the information executives needed to make that happen.

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