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Data Analysis, Engagement and Behavior Change, Industrial Energy Efficiency




Ewing, NJ


Sarrynna Sou provided three communities with data management tools to identify energy efficiency opportunities and achieve their Sustainable Jersey Certifications.


Sustainable Jersey is a non-profit that certifies towns and school districts based on projects that promote environmental stewardship.  Sustainable Jersey enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Sarrynna Sou to consult Keyport Borough, Manalapan Township, and West Long Branch School District to reduce their energy usage, quantify financial savings and identify clean energy programs and grants to achieve their energy efficiency goals. 


Sou implemented the following approach to assist her clients:

  • identified goals by meeting City and School District staff
  • collected and analyzed utility data to determine areas of focus
  • applied to New Jersey Clean Energy Program’s Direct Install (DI) program, which pays for up to 80% of energy efficiency upgrade
  • applied for Local Government Energy Audits
  • coordinated energy efficiency outreach to residents and businesses

Sou created an energy tracking and management system, engaged with several stakeholders such as Green Teams, Environmental Commissions, Police Departments, Department of Public Works, Finance, and several other staff to start the conversation on energy. Sou created a roadmap of environmental projects to help her clients achieve the necessary points for Sustainable Jersey recertification.

Potential Impact

If the energy efficiency projects are implemented in the next 6 months, the townships and school district can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and could result in annual energy savings. Each client has an Energy Star Portfolio Manager account which can financially quantify the energy savings. Furthermore, Keyport Borough, Manalapan Township, and West Long Branch School District are expected to be recertified this fall and winter respectively. Sou’s efforts helped to set these municipalities and school district on the path to becoming more sustainable communities.

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