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Mumbai, Maharashtra


Madhur Manve applied advanced remote sensing techniques to precisely estimate carbon stock in Thane Creek’s Avicennia marina mangroves. This project was used to develop a framework aligned with Tata Steel's carbon neutrality goal through carbon credits.


Madhur collaborated with Tata Steel to tackle the challenge of generating carbon credits from mangroves in Thane Creek, Mumbai. The project's primary objective was to develop a rigorous methodology utilizing remote sensing technology for accurate carbon stock estimation in mangroves, contributing significantly to Tata Steel's sustainability initiatives.


Madhur established a meticulous framework, encompassing radiometric correction, spectral radiance conversion, and atmospheric correction in the remote sensing workflow. Specialized techniques were applied to mitigate adjacency effects, resulting in precise biomass content determination. The methodology's validity was confirmed through rigorous validation using advanced remote sensing techniques, providing a robust foundation for practical application.

Potential Impact

Implementation of this methodology holds the potential to sequester a substantial amount of carbon, bolstering Tata Steel's environmental endeavors. The project's methodology, if deployed, offers a reliable means to accurately estimate carbon stock, thereby advancing Tata Steel's pursuit of carbon neutrality. Madhur’s work not only furthers environmental preservation but also aligns closely with Tata Steel's broader sustainability objectives.

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